Introducing Powerful Search Engine & Toolbar

Craftisian is growing and it’s not a trivial task to navigate 4k+ projects, 1k+ blogs and 750+ forum topics anymore. Brand new Craftisian contextual search toolbar makes it much easier to search for specific terms to uncover hidden gems in our repository.

As mentioned above, Craftisian search is now contextual. You search projects when you browse projects, you search questions when you browse Q&As etc. No more context switching. Here’s an example of the krenov search:

Our new search engine is indexing all important project details, not just project title. This way you can search for keywords in titles, descriptions, tools, materials, styles as well as tags.

And remember – members, questions and forums use the new powerful search engine too:

To familiarize yourself with the new search toolbar it might be a good idea to unleash our new search engine on projects. Craftisian search engine is much more sophisticated now so you will sure find lots of interesting projects for your new project collections. Also, it might be worth trying to search through blogs and topics as the new language processing of our search engine might prove useful.

Search is now the core feature of Craftisian. It will keep evolving and getting better with time with features like new filters, related searches and more.

Together with collections there is hardly a better place online to get craft inspiration. Let’s keep it growing :)

Martin Sojka,