Jeffersonian bookstand

Jeffersonian bookstand
Jeffersonian bookstand
Jeffersonian bookstand

When you look at this you will say “what’s King trying to do, he has posted this before”. You would be right and you would be wrong. This is the 4th of these I have made. I have donated a couple for silent auctions for charities, kept one. This latest one I donated to our brand new library in town. They have it on a three tier stand as you go in the front door. The original was found in a cabinet at Monticello, at first thought to be a music stand, but Jefferson referenced it in writings that it was a book stand. It displays 5 different books at one time on 5 easels and turns 360 degrees. The original is now on display in the Smithsonian. It is of particular interest in this area because Jefferson’s summer home at Poplar Forest is only about 25 miles away. Thank you for looking.



Very good, a real neat project that is well done & the giving spirit is wonderful.

-- Soli Deo gloria!

Amazing how smart and ingenious there were in the 19’th century.
I wish we more of that today. But I guess we do.
Just love the stand.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Nice work Jack.

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Great job, especially the generous donation.

Thanks guys for all the kind words.


Now that’s a pretty cool way to read a book!


Really like it , may have to try and make one for myself.


I’ve seen these before. I suppose many people back then were voracious readers. You can display your Kindles and tablets on it today. ;-) Very fine work, Jack.

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